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Tired of Freelancer Life ?! Know a Real Opportunity to be Recognized and Valued

If you, like me, are freelancer already must be tired of disputing jobs with other hundreds of professionals or sometimes with the famous nephew.

Who has never heard that client say: “Wow, I found your proposal great, but I have a nephew who messes with that and will solve it for me. Thank you very much!”. At this same time comes that deadly hatred that you have wasted your time studying the briefing, elaborating your proposal, in the end having to swallow that answer!

There is another very common situation. The client sets up a meeting with you on the other side of town. You get dressed, face 2 hours of traffic, arrives already “exhausted”, waits another 30 minutes to be received. Invest more than 2 hours of your time in the meeting listening to the client, if not, your various partners, give your suggestions, come back home, elaborate your proposal and the client returns you. “We like everything you’ve proposed, we think your ideas are excellent and we want to propose a partnership.”

Not that I am against partnerships, I have done several that were great and others not so much. Especially when the customer comes with that chat: “Look, I know a lot of people. So if we close this partnership … you help me, I’ll spread it to everyone! “. For those who are starting it may even be a good one, but for those who already have a little time on the road, this proposal may even sound offensive.

But wait, all is not lost! What if you could have your work experience recognized? And if instead of disputing jobs with hundreds of other people and nephews you had the chance to get jobs with big organizations like: Google, HP, Airbnb, Pfizer, among others of this size? To get even better, receive your payments in dollars and can work at any time you want, from your home or anywhere else in the world?

It may seem like a lie and I even found it a bit strange, but I was very happy to discover these days the proposal of work of the network of freelancers called Toptal. They offer jobs for designers and developers, so far nothing new. But, their focus is to serve large companies and only work with TOPS professionals, with great baggage and experience!

Therefore, their selection process is very narrow. According to what they say only 3% of the candidates are able to enter the team. I hope to be among these 3%, after all if there is an opportunity to have our work valued and get out of the red ocean of the Brazilian market, it is worth trying!

This is the tip and hope you can also be valued and recognized for the good work you do!

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